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An Overdue Introduction

Hello everyone!

Now that the new site layout has been launched, I thought it was time I finally introduce myself.
I’m Britt, the new admin/graphics & layout creator.

Just so you all know what I’m working on:
Currently, all the layouts we used to have here are being reworked, so that the codes are up to date with the changes Neopets has recently been making.
Once those are done, I will be making & putting up new ones.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see my work, I do have a petpage-hosted layout site called Brevity, which you can also find linked in our Affiliates section.

As Matt mentioned previously, you can of course read more about me on the Staff page.
I’m happy to have a little Q&A in the comments, though, if you’d like to ask me anything.

I’m very excited to be here, & hope to hear from you all soon.
– Britt

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Welcome Britt!
SO EXCITED and grateful to have you as part of the team!

Its going to be fun! 🙂

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