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Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, we have launched Sketched Neo’s spooky layout! You’ll be able to see the full effect on Desktop viewing on a laptop/computer. However we have done a little Halloween theme for mobile too 🙂

Only within the last 5 or so years have we started to embrace Halloween here in Australia and we love it! So I hope you enjoy this themed layout as much as I did in building it!

In other site news, over the coming days I will be adding some new content that I have been working on. One of these will be a “builder” and others are throwback graphics that you would be familiar with if you were a Neopets player in the mid 2000’s.

As always we want to hear your suggestions of the type of content that we provide! So be sure to let us know in the Comments!

**An update on Comments on our posts**
As of today I have disabled the need for people to enter their email address on the comment form. Simply fill out your name and you can comment away!


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