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12 Days of Content – Day 12: Blizzard Shop Layout

For the 12th Day and final day of 12 Days of Content, we’ve added a Blizzard Themed Shop Layout!

We hope you have enjoyed the burst of 12 Days of Content for this year. We are so looking forward to 2022, and will have a few exciting announcements to make in the first week of the new year!

Of course you can continue to expect the latest updates on Major Events and Updates to Neopets. As well as new content weekly added to the site.

In the meantime, check out the list of Content that was added for the 12 Days of Content this year.

Day 1:  Button Maker
Day 2:  Holiday Trees Shop Layout
Day 3:  Ice Cream Machine Game Guide
Day 4:  x5 Coming Soon & x3 Hiatus Signs
Day 5:  x15 Aisha Glitters
Day 6:  x3 Blends
Day 7:  x33 Buttons added to Button Maker
Day 8:  x73 Icons
Day 9:  Winter Shop Layout
Day 10:  x3 Tiled Backgrounds
Day 11:  Rainbow PetPage Layout
Day 12:  Blizzard Shop Layout

– Matt

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It’s been great to come back each day and see what you added. Thank you and I hope you do it again

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