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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Neopets version of “Wordle” launches Friday!

We have been teasing this week about a new feature coming to Sketched Neo. Well now, it is time to let the Angelpuss out of the bag…

As a lot of you would know the craze at the moment “Wordle” is taking the world by storm. It’s the daily puzzle game where you have to guess the word in a limited amount of guesses with the letters it identifies after each guess.

Well we are incredibly excited to announce….


Our own version of the game that is a Neopets dedicated daily puzzle.

It will be completely free to play and each day the puzzle will automatically update with a new Neopets themed word that you have to discover.

The new game WordNeo will launch this Friday 12AM NST. So get your A, E, I, O and U ready, because the fun is about to start!


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OMG YES! This is so exciting!

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