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Announcement: Festival of Neggs

The Festival of Neggs is upon us!

Neopets has today announced that this year’s Festival of Neggs will shortly start this month of April.

As described in a community email drop, this years’ festival will be based in Neovia and has been described as a spooky on-site scavenger hunt.

It certainly will be great to have an event on the site again, we are excited for the spooky theme!👻

Sketched Neo will be providing daily coverage of the Festival, so be sure to check out the guide when we release it!

Are you excited for the Festival? Let us know in the comments


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when is the festival going to start?


I just read it is supposed to start today: tuesday the 12th. I’m keeping an eye on the news 😀


I can not wait for the festival to begin. As I collect neggs and negg-themed items, this is a yearly repeating favorite. And a scavenger hunt? How exciting <3

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