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Neopets Charity Auction

As we reported Saturday, Neopets has today announced that on May 9th they will be hosting a series of auctions to support real- life charity organisations.
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • The Trevor Project
  • Project HOPE
  • Eden Reforestation Project
Starting bids haven’t yet been announced and we anticipate these to begin in like with the action date of May 9th but the auctions will run until may 15th via in a live auction process. Pieces up for auction will be from a collection of the Neopets private vault. They will include fine art paintings with luxe frames, large standees, and high-quality special posters. A lot of these art works up for bidding were featured in the videos shared across social media.
May be a cartoon of text
We will continue to keep you updated on locations for these events and bidding pages when they go live.
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