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FIRST ON SN: BREAKING – Neopets Users Banned

UPDATE 5:17pm: Some users are reporting that clearing your cookies and temporary internet files in your browser appears to be working for some users to re-gain access to Neopets. In most browsers you can do this via the settings / options menu. Be sure to make sure you untick “saved passwords and logins” so any “remember me” settings you have for logins on certain sites aren’t cleared. Are you finding this as a workaround? Let us know in the comments.


UPDATE 1:05pm: Neopets have provided the below statement on the Neoboards regarding the IP blocking issue. Suggesting that any users banned should lodge a support ticket: 

“Hello, Neopians! We are currently fine-tuning and improving our site security. If you happen to experience a web page that says you’re blocked on our site, then please make a ticket so our Customer Support team can help you out. Please be sure to include that Reference ID you see on that page to better facilitate the process.

We’re receiving a lot of feedback and greatly appreciate the messages. Many apologies for the inconvenience, we hope to get you back into Neopia soon!”shared 

You can lodge a support ticket below via the blue “Create a Ticket” button:



Original Post August 24 2:04AM

Another day, another saga surrounding the user experience on Neopets… 🙁

A number of users have reported over the last few hours that they are receiving captcha prompts when refreshing screens, or using multiple browser windows.

Simple tasks like refreshing at the Money Tree, Shop Wizard, battling in the Battledome and even users own shops are prompting the below screens to appear:

Some users have even been IP banned after entering the wrong captcha characters to proceed, thus blocking them from being able to view Neopets on the device that they have been using when this occurred. Even using a different browser on that device still results in being unable to access the site.

This “security” screen appears to have been implemented off the back of the Security Breach earlier this month, which Neopets is still yet to provide any further information on. We however have not had any confirmation from Neopets that the above screens are a response to the recent security vulnerabilities on the site… Though one must wonder why on earth these are activating when play on Neopets does involve “page refreshing” as well as multi window play which dates back to almost the inception of the pet site.

It could be a measure to curb Bots scoring rare Pound Pets, Shop items, Free items to name a few..

Here’s hoping the sensitivity of it is just another site bug?

We suggest if you have this screen appear, be careful to ensure that the characters that you enter match what is on screen. It appears from reports that users aren’t being allowed many chances to get the captcha correct.

Any users that are IP banned as a result, we suggest you submit a ticket to Neopets Support to raise the issue with them. The more that report issues with this, the more it will prompt them to rectify the sensitivities of it.

Have you been one of the unlucky users who has been IP banned from viewing Neopets whilst doing your Neopets daily activities?

We will continue to update you on if there are any further developments on this issue.

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So far I didn’t experience any problem with the Captchas. If this new security measures will improve the curbing of bots, then I’m okay with it.

They do have to fix that IP banning since its bothersome to players.

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