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FIRST ON SN: Inside look at Neopets Metaverse Aplha Build

Today we have an inside look at the controversial Neopets Metaverse “Alpha build”.

The Neopets Metaverse is widely panned across the community and with good reason as there have been a number of sagas surrounding it. However this (although loosely) is still a Neopets themed topic which we are in no way endorsing, however believe we still should share with the Neopets wider community an update so they can be aware of the status of the project.

A user “Josh” who has had access at the Alpha stage has shared images with us of the current build.

The Alpha build is currently at an invite only phase and gives us an insight into what the “game” itself will look like. Currently it is only playable as a web browser game but there has been mention of a mobile app in the future.

In these images we can see the look of a “Neopia Central” which features the Money Tree, The Rainbow Pool and a Games Room at this stage.

(click for larger preview)

(click for larger preview)

There are also 3 playable games Ultimate Bullseye, Meerca Chase and Turmac Roll which can be accessed via the Games Room.

(Click the below previews for larger views)










The overall style does look very similar to the “art style” of Island Builders cross Playstation 2.
Some of the art styles of things like the Money Tree and we can see greyed out (presuming soon to come) footprints of the National Neopian Bank and a Battledome which look quite far (and scary looking in some instances) from the in game experience. I am quite impressed with the design and style of the Turmac Roll game. Its arguably the best looking element over the whole project…

(click for larger preview)

(click for larger preview)

(click for larger preview)

The below dates have been shared with users who have access as part of an upcoming timeline:

  • Sept 2nd –  Users will be able to “interact” with pets (it is assumed that means feed and clothe).
  • Sept 9th – Decorating your Neohome
  • Sept 16th – Battling against other Neopets

Is the look of the metaverse game what you expected? Did you think it would be worse or better in a visual sense? Let us know your thoughts.

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The field gives me some Genshin Impact vibes, which would be nice if it was a normal game and not NFT related. Besides that, what happened to the poor Money Tree?!
Thanks for the scheenshots Josh 🙂

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