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Rubbish Dump Avatar – Update

Hey all.
We have had a few emails come in asking if it is safe to do the annual Rubbish Dump Day to obtain the Avatar.
In a normal situation the 1st Saturday of each Month is Rubbish Dump Day, where you have the opportunity to collect items to receive the avatar.

At present with the Stackpath security enabled, which we have previously reported as locking and essentially banning Neopians from, we suggest that you do not participate in this event until the Stackpath Captcha security is at least reduced in sensitivity or is addressed by the TNT team.

We know this is frustrating for a number of users who still wish to obtain the avatar, however we at Sketched Neo do not think it is safe to do so at this time, and will not advise users to participate.

We wish to prevent you from having the unfortunate situation that you are IP banned.


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