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Neopets 23rd Birthday!

Today is Neopets 23rd Birthday, as part of the celebrations a series of events and items are happening across the site today. Read below for a summary!

  • If you haven’t already got the “Happy Birthday!” avatar, visit the New Features page today.
  • Treasure of the Black Pawkeet is free today and will then only cost 150NP for the rest of November.
  • Neopians have an increased chance at Coltzan’s Shrine today.
  • The Swashbuckling Academy training is free to all pets all day.
  • The Birthday Site Theme is active across the classic site layout and the mobile site revamp. As always the Birthday theme increases your chances of Random Events!
  • For the next three days you may submit 5 scores for Neopoints if you are using a workaround for Flash games instead of the usual 3. This will end on Thursday (17th). This doesn’t apply to beta converted games sadly.
  • A new Neopoint goodie bag is also now stocking at the toy shop:

750NC credit is being given away for free on the Neopets homepage (when logged in).
This can also be claimed on side accounts.

Note: some users are finding a delay in the credit being applied.  TNT has issued a statement that they are working hard to deliver everyone’s 750 NC, so please just be patient until it becomes available.

The below is now also available at the NC Mall:

+1 Extra Pet Slot: on sale for 400 NC (discounted 100 NC)

+5 Extra Pet Slot: on sale for 1,800 NC (discounted 450 NC)

+10 Extra Pet Slot: on sale for 3,400 NC (discounted 850 NC)

A free goodie bag is available at the NC Mall, available to claim on your sides too. This contains a banner wearable: Use ‘Y24BIRTHDAY‘ at the checkout to get a discount of 150 NC off any total purchase over 1,000 NC. This will end on November 30th.

New birthday Mystery Capsules are also released:

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