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Neopets February 2023 Survey + Giveaway!

TNT have today announced another Survey for the start of this year that they are asking all Neopians to participate in.

The questions range from durations you have played Neopets for, break durations if you have taken one, what draws you to play Neo, NFT questions, Faeries Hope and Island Builders as well, plus more!

One lucky winner who participates will win a “Swag Bag” . In this “swag” is the below:

  • A Baby Neopets Mini Backpack by Cakeworthy
  • A Baby Neopets Wallet by Cakeworthy
  • A Queen Fyora Faerie Fleece Blanket by Geekify
  • A Set of 3 Characters Hoods (Chomby, Ixi, and Kougra) by Geekify
  • An assortment of Neopets Petpet Soft Enamel Pins by Geekify
  • An assortment of Neopets Pins and Fine Jewelry by WYP Jewelry

You can participate in the survey


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