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Neopets Event: Lost Fragments

Neopets today has launched a new event that is inspired by the Neo “Faeries Hope” match 3 game.

Each day you will be able to find “shards” within Faerieland.

The event “Lost Fragements” features Fyora and the light faerie Luxinia within the match 3 game.

To participate, you are on a scavenger hunt each day. You simply have to find the fallen shards around Faerieland.

5 new shards will be available to collect daily, which will obtain you 5 points each if found on the day of release. After this time, you will receive 1 point per shard. By the conclusion of the event there will be a 175 total points up for grabs.

From there, the more points you collect you can use to purchase items in a “shop” on the main Fragments page. This is a collection of rare and highly obtainable items that you can purchase with the points.

There is also a capsule available for the purchase of 150NC as well.

The first shard that you find, will give you the new avatar:

The event will run until the 22/03.

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