HTML Basics

HTML and CSS seem difficult. You often wonder: How do these people GET those things? How exactly do they make a Text Area box? Well, they’re very simple if you get the logic of them, and our goal today is to have you learn the basics and get the hang of it.

Below are the basic coding that you need to know if you are building a website or coding on Neopets!


Line Breaks





Line Across

Centered Text

Linked Text

Change Font Face

Change Font Color

Changing Size

All In One

Now, you can put them together if you want more than one effect. Underlined and Italic… How cool!


Inserting Images

Linking Images

Get rid of the white around images (Ok, a bit into CSS here)


Colored Background

Picture Background

No Repeat/fixed/positioned

Neopets Time

Art Spotlight

Coming Soon!

Snowager Alert


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