Festival of Neggs 2022 Guide

Welcome to Sketched Neo’s coverage of the 2022 Festival of Neggs!
This year the festival is being held in the spooky town of Neovia. Each day we will bring you information straight from Neovia on where to find the latest Neggs and other surprises!

This year the event will run for 16 days and the first day will run for 1.5 (giving you a bit of extra time to collect your first one)

This year you will start right away with hunting your first Negg! To begin, click Kari on the Festival page.

Kari - Festival of Neggs

From here you will observe a conversation between Kari and Crumpetmonger.

After you witness the conversation Kari will give you a daily clue on where you can find the Negg at the bottom of the Festival Page.
Be sure to find all Neggs by the completion of the event for a bonus at the end of the event. You can check the progress of this by the gold tick displayed next to that days clue.

If you wish to skip the hunting you can refer to our Negg location finder as well as the breakdown of prizes awarded for each Negg selected below.

Negg Prize Summary:

Prize 1Prize 2Prize 3

Aqua Negg

Pfishy Arm Floaties

Water Goldy

Water Whip

Music Negg

Negg Music Box

Neopian Orchestral Classics

Spring Piano

Stained Glass Negg

Brightvale Stained Glass Techniques

Stained Glass Faerie Ornament

Stained Glass Guitar

Steampunk Negg

Gear Garland

Steampunk Comb

Steampunk Windup Robot

Teacup Negg

Teapot and Cup on an Elegant Table

Teatime in Neovia Stamp

The Crumpetmongers Teatime Treats

Day 1 & 2 – April 12th/13th

NOTE: We are receiving reports that the Festival page on Neo is buggy. If you have viewed the conversation, be sure to refresh the page again for the clues to be displayed at the bottom and you can begin your hunt! You may have to view the conversation a couple of times for it to activate.

Kari’s Clue: The festival has begun, but there is no need for jitters! You will find your first Negg where they sell legendary critters…

Negg Location: Legendary PetPets

Day 2 – April 14

Kari’s Clue: Hope you are ready for another clue, as there are plenty more. For your second day, seek out a place with a sandy shore!

Negg Location: The Beach on Mystery Island

Day 3 – April 15

Kari’s Clue: Next, you must travel to a land of very little greenery. Here you will find a merchant who peddles wares of fantastical scenery.

Negg Location: Mystical Surroundings

Day 4 – April 16

Kari’s Clue: I know it can get overwhelming, with clues coming from all sides! Now seek out some literature, on the rock that controls Neopian tides!

Negg Location: Booktastic Books

Day 5 – April 17

Kari’s Clue: The clues are heating up, so it’s time to buckle down. Where would you go to stay informed, in a foggy little town?

Negg Location: Neovian Printing Press

Day 6 – April 18

Kari’s Clue: Hear ye, hear ye, listen close and you’ll find the next stash with ease. Search for a place that deals in correspondence and royal decrees.

Negg Location: The Scrollery

Day 7 – April 19

Kari’s Clue: You are running through these clues, looks like you are on a spree! Now seek out the trunk, where Neopians find items for free.

Negg Location: The Money Tree

Day 8 – April 20

Kari’s Clue: The Festival waits for no Neopet, so don’t you dare tarry! For your next Negg, visit the dwelling of a nature-loving Faerie…

Negg Location: Illusen’s Glade

Day 9 – April 21

Kari’s Clue: If you want these next neggs, you might wanna look twice! A blast of freezing cold, just doesn’t sound nice…

Negg Location: The Snowager

Day 10 – April 22

Kari’s Clue: Conches and clams, your neggs can be found here! But you won’t hear the ocean, if you put them up to your ear.

Negg Location: Collectable Sea Shells

Day 11 – April 23

Kari’s Clue: Doesn’t hunting for neggs make you smile from ear to ear? Next, we are off to a gift shop, so treat yourself to a souvenir!

Negg Location: Roo Island Souvenirs

Day 12 – April 24

Kari’s Clue: The next location is quite dark, so be sure to bring a light! Where you travel next, the hardest decision is left or right…

Negg Location: Faerie Caverns

Day 13 – April 25

Kari’s Clue: There are still more neggs to be found, can you feel the anticipation? To find your next one, you must look deep down for Illumination…

Negg Location: Lampwyck’s Lights Fantastic

Day 14 – April 26

Kari’s Clue: We are almost to the end, so don’t take a break! Instead, find the place where you can enjoy snacks by a lake!

Negg Location: Kiko Lake Treats

Day 15 – April 27

Kari’s Clue: Time for your final clue, wasn’t this Festival grand? Seek out the plant that claims to be the brightest in all the land!

Negg Location: The BRAIN Tree

From here there are further steps! Head to camp to talk to Kari, Tippens, and finally Sophie Once done proceed to Grave Danger.

You will see a glowing sludge trail by the left side of the crypt door, click it. Once you are at this side of the crypt:

  • Click on the footprints
  • Then, click on the trail of glowing goo
  • Click on the loose tiles at the left of the wall
  • Finally click on the holes infront of the outhouse

Next, pick one of four options listed (there is no right answer, all end up at the same place next step).

You will then observe further conversation Professor Kugar will explain that it is due to the new PetPet species – the Talpidat!

You then get to chose one of three for yourself!

Spring Talpidat
Eventide Talpidat

Final Prizes

To claim the final prizes for the Festival, you must visit the Festival of Neggs hub today (28th April)
All particiapants in any capacity will have received the Neovian Festival of Neggs Theme as well as the below avatar:

Negg Enigma Avatar

For those who collected all 15 neggs on the day of release you will receive the below:

Neovian Clocktower Background

Detective Kari Charm

Talpidat Plushie

Aqua Negg

Music Negg

Stained Glass Negg

Steampunk Negg

Teacup Negg

For finding all 15 neggs before the Festival ended (but not each day on release of the clues), you will received the below:

Detective Kari Charm

Talpidat Plushie

Aqua Negg

Teacup Negg

Music Negg

Stained Glass Negg

Steampunk Negg

If you discovered at least 1 negg during the Festival you will only receive:

Negg Enigma – Avatar

Talpidat Plushie

Festival of Neggs Site Theme

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