Festival of Neggs – The ModerNeopets Guide!

Participating in ModerNeo’s Festival of Neggs doesn’t take much out-of-the-way effort on the player’s part; you’ll be able to stumble upon the hidden neggs just by going through the site dailies!

Neggs will appear in the content on the page as transparent, clickable images. They can be on top of other links, behind text, and anywhere except for the navigation sidebar. They will appear in 15 minute intervals from one another at minimum and give 1-3 prizes when you click/tap them!

Each Color Negg as a different Prize Pool associated with it!

Any food-category item with “Chocolate” in it’s name

ONE Festival of Negg Item

Rare Item

Easter Negg Mystery Capsule

The Rare Items are a Chocolate Draik Egg, the Candy Paint Brush, and Chocolate Zappermajig! The latter of the two will let you change one of your pet’s colour to Candy or Chocolate respectively, while the Chocolate Draik Egg will hatch into a Chocolate Draik pet!

When opened, an Easter Negg Mystery Capsule will award two NeoCash Items, with the chance to award an additional Colourful Painted Negg Wings or Striped Painted Negg Wings.
(Though keep in mind that ModerNeopets does not have any dress-up function, so “wearable” NC items have no site integration!)

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