About Us

Originally Neostory.org in 2006 Sketched Neo opened on November 5th after Neo Story's unexpected closure.
The site was originally hosted by our partner at the time Neocrave.net, who created the design and look of our first layout.
2007 saw the site constantly expanding. On November 6th (the day after the sites first birthday) we moved to our own independent server. It enabled us to have more file storage space, and the site could handle more visitors.

2014 saw the site sadly close after a number of internal staff reasons.
Due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID, Matt regained interest in Neopets - to revisit the nostalgia. After noticing that Neopets itself was in the process of redeveloping its future to become more "mobile friendly", he thought it was time to revive Sketched Neo in 2021! A lof of work continues to be done to serve Neopians in the year 2021 and a new dirction for Skectehd Neo. Over time, we will continue to grow and hopefully become a one stop shop for all!