Affiliate With Us

If you want to become an affiliate with Sketched Neo then you have come to the right place!

But there are a set of requirements that you must adhere to be accepted, they are listed below:

Requirements For Affiliation
Before you apply please make sure you read the following rules.
If you dont comply the following criteria please do not apply.

- Your site must be Neopets Related somehow
- Your Site must be appropriate for children, and have no adult content.
- Your site must have no more than one popup page, if it does have popups.
- Your site must not have any stolen artwork or content.
- Your site must not be under construction.
- Your site needs to be updated a least once per fortnight.
- Your site must have at least 10 pages of original content.
- Our button must be up on your site before you apply, and must appear on every page on your site like we will do for you.

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