Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be your affiliate?
Yes. We would love to affiliate with your site, as long as you meet all of the requirements to become an affiliate of Sketched Neo. You can Apply Here

Can we be site partners?
Sure, apply via the Affiliate Application page!

Can you make me a personalised graphic?
Not at this stage. This means that we do not make ANY customised graphics. If we do down the track it will be on the sites news.

I want to be staff with the site, are you taking any at the moment?
Sketched Neo is always in need of staff! All you need to do is read the rules & requirements on the Staff Application Page. If you fit all of those requirements, then fill out the form.
You can do that Here

Who owns this site?
Matt is the owner of the site. It started out as, but then closed and became which you are viewing now!

There are some graphics on the site that have on then, how come?
Before Sketched Neo even existed, Matt had a site called
Neo Story closed and some of the graphics from there have then been added here.

When will the site be movbile friendly?
We aim to be fully mobile friendly by the end of the year. The main priority was to bring ther site back into the fold, from there we are working in the back end to ensurte that the site continues to grow for various platforms!