Applying for Staff

We are currently looking for staff for Sketched Neo!
If you are interested APPLY BELOW!

So you want to become a staff contributer here at Sketched Neo huh? Thats great!
But before you apply to be staff on our site, please read the following rules and positions that we are hiring.


Content Writer: This job entails writing guides on games available on Neopets. Ability to write English proficiently required.
Graphics Designer: This jobs entails designing graphics that range from Shop Layouts to User Lookups. Ability to use a professional graphics package (including but not limited to Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and the GIMP) required.
HTML Programmer (Coder): This job entails writing HTML markup for graphics (i.e. layouts).
Advanced Programmer (Coder): This job entails writing advanced scripts and systems for the site.
News Poster: This job entails posting news regarding unreleased items and information on Neopets.


1. You MUST have a good quality graphics program if you are apply for a Graphics Designer.
(Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop etc.) you must mention what program you use in your application.
2. As a staff member, the work you submit is content on the site and is owned by the site. We are more than happy for you to also watermark your creations with your Neo Username as well
3. Applicants who are successful as being hired, do not necessarily get access to the sites files. You are provided with a news account for you to post your work on the sites homepage, and you submit your work into the site for it to be put up.
Staff members are the people who keep the site running and they are recognized for their hard work. In some cases bonus remuniration payments may happen.

If you agree and fit all of the criteria, please apply below.