Neopets announced that on the 9th May 2022 a charity auction would be held, auctioning off some one-of-a-kind artworks that line walls of the Jumpstart offices. A number of these pieces were specifically created for the TNT team over the years and now they are being used to support real life charities.

All proceeds of the items auctioned will go to the below charities that the TNT team have chosen:

  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • The Trevor Project
  • Project HOPE
  • Eden Reforestation Project

Below is an overview of all 26 art pieces available to bid on (note 2 are duplicated as raffle items)

We will update the bids below in the leadup to the conclusion of the auction at the end of each day.
The auction will conclude at 9am Sunday 15th May 2022.

The below bids are as at 6:34AM NST 15th May 2022

Dr. Sloth Painting

Queen Fyora Painting

Lord Kass Painting

Hannah Painting

King Altador Painting

Judge Hog Painting

Kanrik Painting

Quiggle Scout Poster

The Adventures of Jake Poster

Defenders of NP Comic Poster

Battle of Wits Poster

Cerbekus Poster

Chomby Genie Poster

Gadgadsbogen Poster

Green Seven Poster

Hall of Paintings Poster

Jake the Explorer Poster

Marak Poster

Prince Tourin Poster

Style Showdown Host Standee #1

Dr. Sloth Standee

Bruno Standee

Eliv Thade Standee

Fyora Standee #1

Sidney Standee

Sophie Standee

Queen Fyora Standee #2
Raffle Item

Style Showdown Host Standee #2
Raffle Item

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