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The Void Within – Battle for Brightvale I

The battle component of the plot has begun!

The Battle for Brightvale I has begun. Join your fellow reservists on the front lines by battling, or volunteer your time at the Neopian Hospital .

Find out the full details on how to participate in our guide below:

Void Within Essence Locations Changes

As of the 8th of July, Void Essence locations will now be scattered randomly across 3 maps of Neopia.

We will continue to post the locations of these Void Essence in our daily updated guide. Be sure to come back each day to save you having to click over 20+ map locations!

Void Within Achievement update

As of this afternoon TNT has revised one of the Achievement’s as part of Act I.

If you joined participating within the Plot in the first week, you will now claim the “From the Very Beginning” achievement.
To ensure you receive it, be sure to read all of the pages of the Plot Comic’s.

You can read more on this in our guide at the below.

Void Within Plot Guide

Void Within Plot Update + Plot Trailer

Another day another update to the plot! Today you are able to view page 9 of the Plot Story.

If you have also collected all Void Essence to date you will also be able to collect the weekly point prize of 20+ t0day as well as a random item from the prize pool.

Get the full breakdown in our plot guide below:

The Void Within Plot Guide

As well as this recently TNT has released a plot trailer which appears to be the first of many. You can watch this below.

Void Within Plot Guide – LIVE!

Hey everyone,
We are a little late but I can confirm our plot guide for the The Void Within is currently live!

One point of difference with our guide is that it is super easy to navigate, no tiny links to click AND it is mobile friendly unlike a lot of other sites.

We will be updating this guide daily with the latest developments as well as locations for the Void Essences.

You can check out or guide below:

Void Within Plot Guide

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