New Usuki Lookup

Hi all, hope eveyone is well!

Just thought I would update you all, that I have added a new Usuki themed Userlookup!

Hope you enjoy it!
Always feel free to suggest what type of Lookups, or even other graphics you would like to see on the site!

Stay well,

New Glitters Added

Well it is time for a throwback to the glory days of Neo.

Do you rememeber glittters? A lot of people were obsessed with them back in the day.

Well good news, I have brought them back! I have just added 30 new Acara Glitters.

Why not spice up your Shop or Lookup with an Acara Glitter! I’ll be adding more over time.

Which ones are your favourite? Mine are below:


Neopets Downtime

Hey all,

As you would be aware from my post late last week, Neopets is currently down for some scheduled maintenance. All going well, it is expected that they will be back online from 7:30AM NST.

It is likely the downtime is only due to some server infrastructre updates which hopefully will improve the load times and stability for uses. However if there are any other changes off the back of this downtime that will benefit players, Sketched Neo will bring you the latest once Neo is back up and we have details! S


New Userlookups pt. II

It’s time for another roundup of userlookups!

Today’s additions are:


Juice Break


Snowy Explorer

Let us know what you think. We’re also working on some spooky additions, so check back soon for those!


Playtime Shop Layout and Userlookup

We are about to head into the weekend and are you thinking it’s time you had a new fresh Shop Layout?
Well I have great news for you, as I just made one!

You can check it out on the Shop Layouts page.

Wanting the above design but not in need of a new Shop Layout?

Fear not – it is also available in a Userlookup as well! Let us know what you think of the new layouts.



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