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Day 6 Advent Calendar

Day 6 of the Advent Calendar has gone live!

It appears that we are in for a bigger surprise for todays advent than we anticipated….

Check out the guide below:

Advent Calendar Guide 2023

Neopets Advent Calendar has begun!

Be sure to check out Sketched Neo’s Advent Calendar Guide for 2023 each day, to view the animation and what the daily prizes are.

Remember that if you miss a day of the Advent Calendar, unfortunately you cannot go back and claim past days.

Have fun!

Happy Holidays!

I know it has been a while since the last update and frankly any content being added to the site.

With the festive season kicking off, the site will begin to become more active! You will notice today that we have launched a new site layout for the season. We hope you like it!

The advent calendar is about to start and we will be providing daily coverage, so be sure to check the site each day for all of the needed info!

Also an update on staff. A number of staff have been on hiatus for the back half of this year, in light of this we are currently in discussions with some recent applicants on joining the site across graphics as well as news. I hope to provide some further announcements on this soon.

Faerie Festival Prizes LIVE

Prizes for those who participated in the Faerie Festival this year are now live.

Visit the main page of the festival, read all of the dialogue and you will be awarded them off the back of that.

Collect Your Prizes Here

Please note: some users are reporting that they are only receiving the avatar and the trophy.
This appears to be a glitch which some users are experiencing.

If this indeed happens, visit the same page every couple of hours until they are awarded.

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