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Latest Neopets News:

Sorry our News gathering isn't working right now :(
Sorry our News gathering isn't working right now :(

Neopets Merchandise Shop to CLOSE!

A banner on neopetsshop.com the official merchandise shop for Neopets, has appeared advising that it will CLOSE on March 20th 2024!

Any purchases made after February 20th are non-refundable.

A reason for the close of the site hasn’t been given, however there has been word that World of Neopets (the parent company) have recently been working on new merchandise, and a new fulfillment partner that provides high quality items, a wider range as well as better shipping.

If you are wanting some of this merchandise currently on the site, we encourager you to make your purchase sooner rather than later!

What are your thoughts on the closure?

New Feature – Neopets News on SN

A new feature has been launched on Sketched Neo today.

SN’s Neo NewsWire!

You can find the latest Neopets news, as you would on the Neopets New Features page, right here in one place, on Sketched Neo!

We have added a new section to the sidebar that displays the latest News update from TNT. Clicking the “Read Latest Neo News” button will take you to a full page of the latest Neo News! How cool is that?

Feel free to bookmark the page for easy access.

Are there any other features you would like to see on SN? Let us know in the comments 🙂


Moderneo – Grundo Moon Landing Pet Page Layout

Feeling out of this world?

Well the new Grundo Moon Landing Petpage layout for Moderneo is now live!

We hope you enjoy this new one. You can find it along with other layouts on our Moderneo Layouts Directory


Neopets Downtime Ended UC Styles LIVE

Neopets scheduled downtime has now ended!

With the site back online Neopets have announced that the Styling Studio is open and ready for business.
The Styling Studio and its host, Umbra, will enable you to be able to help transform your pets!

As part of this update Unconverted (UC) pets have undergone a transformation as well.
UC pets will now be obtainable by equipping Nostalgic Pet Styles to them using NC Studio Styling Supplies.

TNT has also announced that all styling studio supplies are 50% OFF for a limited time as well!

  • Bronze gives you a random colour from ones released so far Eg: Grey, Faerie or Darigan
  • Deluxe allows you to pic the colour of your choice

It is yet unclear that if you purchase a UC now to enjoy the discount, whether future UC colors released will be available to use at a later date if your colour of choice isn’t available yet.

Check out neopets.com/releasenotes/ for the full update.

Moderneo – Jhudora’s Stargaze Pet Page Layout

Another PetPage Layout for Moderneopets is now live!

This one is titled Jhudora’s Stargaze and you can find it in the Layouts Directory under Moderneo content!

Hope you like it! 🙂


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