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Destruct-O-Match Game Guide

As Destruct-O-Match was one of the games that has been recently converted to HTML5 in the last Beta update and now available to play on Neopets, we thought it perfect time to add a new Guide for it!


Check out the 2021 Game Guide for Destruct-O-Match.

As its now 2021, we thought lets not bog people down with mass information about the game. At the end of the day the guide is there to make your time playing it more enjoyable and not for you to have to process a lecture on the ins-and-outs of it and give you information that frankly a lot of guides go too in-depth about.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


LOADS of content added

Well we have been busy little bees here lately. A raft of various content has been added to the site over the weekend.

Need to test out that code that you’re working on? Why not use our new HTML Tester!

Forgotten that code for a Smiley that you want to use on the Neoboards? Visit our Neoboard Smiley guide.

Starting a fresh account and need a full overview of the Maps? Check out our Treasure Maps guide.

If it has been a while and you have returned to the boards or even the trading post and it’s all a bit of gibberish? Well the Common Abbreviations guide will help you out!


Neopets Beta Update V0.4.8 is LIVE!

The latest Neopets redesign update (beta) is live!

A various amount of content has been added, listed below:

World Maps

The below maps have all been added/re-added for HTML5. Some have had a minor design change which is a welcome additon.


Random events are back!

Finally random events are now active across all converted pages! Hooray!


The below games are now live! At present you aren’t able to earn Neopoints on them, however we assume this is due to a testing phase with the wider community to address any issues before Neopoints are enabled.

As mentioned rpeviously Faerie Bubbles does havea balancing issue where colours not remaining in-game will show up to shoot, making the levels very difficult to pass. Neopets are working to address this issue ASAP

Bug Fixes

  • Wheels will no longer disappear when clicked on and fail to display prizes.
  • Wheel of Monotony no longer spins indefinitely if the player switches tabs.
  • Database updates and miscellaneous fixes.


Blinkies are BACK!

Remember all those years ago the obsession of Blinkies?

Well I am happy to say we have brought them back! I have just uploaded a bunch of Blinkies to their new pague under Graphics!

You can check them out HERE

They were all the rage back in the day, and here at Sketched Neo we want to provide you with that nostalgia feeling, as well as new content that suite the Neo of today as well.

More content to come tomorrow! 🙂


Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, we have launched Sketched Neo’s spooky layout! You’ll be able to see the full effect on Desktop viewing on a laptop/computer. However we have done a little Halloween theme for mobile too 🙂

Only within the last 5 or so years have we started to embrace Halloween here in Australia and we love it! So I hope you enjoy this themed layout as much as I did in building it!

In other site news, over the coming days I will be adding some new content that I have been working on. One of these will be a “builder” and others are throwback graphics that you would be familiar with if you were a Neopets player in the mid 2000’s.

As always we want to hear your suggestions of the type of content that we provide! So be sure to let us know in the Comments!

**An update on Comments on our posts**
As of today I have disabled the need for people to enter their email address on the comment form. Simply fill out your name and you can comment away!


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