New Staff Member!

Hey guys! My name is Krystal and I’m the newest staff member here. You may recognize me as Krys both on and on it’s discord server!
I’ll be helping out here by creating some cool premade layouts for your Modneo pages. Look forward to it!

It’s Sloth Day!

As today is January 14th – it is SLOTH DAY!


Today only you have the opportunity to collect two avatars!

The first one requires you to answer Dr. Sloth’s Mind Control Laboratory exam.

To collect the first avatar you must answer the questions with the answers in the following order:

  1. – Answer C
  2. –  Answer D
  3. – Answer B
  4. – Answer C
  5. – Answer A

On completion of this you will obtain the below avatar to use on the Neoboards!

Something has happened!
You have the right to use ‘ I love Sloth ‘ as an avatar on the Neoforums !

The second avatar requires that you have the I love Sloth active in your Neoboard Preferences.

Then head to the  Heroes page to obtain the below!

Something has happened!
You have the right to use ‘ I ♥ happiness ‘ as an avatar in the Neoforums !

Happy Sloth Day!


Tally Neopets Marketing Manager joins Twitter!

Hey all!

As you know, Tally the Marketing Manager was introduced late last year as joining Neopets.

Within the last 24 Hours Tally has joined Twitter and has provided a bit of an update of what has been happening behind the scenes at TNT as well as her commitment to engaging with the Neopian community more:

Whether Tally is referring to further personnel changes behind the scenes is not known, however it will be interesting to see if there is a further increase of the development and roll out of the Beta over the coming months.

Nevertheless welcome Tally to the world of Twitter!
We remind Neopians to be kind in engaging with Tally when sharing your thoughts and ideas for Neopets.

What do you think of Tally’s post? Let us know in the comments!



Pet Lookup “Pastel Playground” added

With a delightful change of pace, Faerie City has been thriving. The many new individuals grace the Employment Agency again and again while walking the thin line between good and evil. On their journey to fill their pockets in The Hidden Tower, one could never forget what this journey was truly about. Clearly, that fresh coat of nostalgic paint was a blessing.

Hello there! Here comes a fresh coat of code for the beautiful inhabitants of Moderneopets. From now on, feel free to roam the site for some fun lookups with their own little twists. We are looking forward to all your wonderful creations!

You can edit your Pet Description under your user settings for each pet individually. To make life easier, we added some custom CSS properties for you to modify to your liking. In your treasure chest, you can paste those cool items that your pet would enjoy, so what is it going to be?

We will start off simple with a minimal pastel look with a lot of simple adjustments to get creative with a small header image and your very own treasure chest. Check out our new section where all new Moderneopets code will be added over the next weeks! Happy coding!

As a matter of fact, this is my first time posting on here! I’m Lyonid (they/he), you can find me on MN. I am a free-spirited artist and computer science student in my Master’s degree and have fallen in love with the raw and unique concepts of virtual pet sites. I am more than happy to chat and exchange fun projects, so definitely hit me up if you need that little boost of creative juice! If not, you will find some of my lookup codes on here and my own humble abode. See you around!

– Lyonid

Shop Layout “Up up and away!” added + an update

Hi all,

With family heading home from staying with us today, I have had some time to make a new Shop Layout!

This one is titled “Up up and away!” and follows the same style that Britt made for the Autumn style one a while back.

You can as always find the layout in the Shop Layouts page.

I hope you like it!

In other news, I know I have been teasing some news over the past couple of weeks and I can finally reveal some more information on it.

A while back we announced our affiliation with Modern Neopets which is an exciting journey to be apart of.

So, in that space I am really happy to announce that we will be making dedicated content for users of Modern Neo!
This will be a variety of guides, graphics and layouts. We also have a new staff member that will be joining us to work across some content for this section, as well as some content for the main focus of Sketched Neo which of course is Neopets.

I’ll leave any further info on the exciting news of our new team member for them to introduce themselves! 😀

More content is to come and as always please let us know in the comments link below what you would like to see!


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