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Festival of Neggs 2023 Final Prizes

The final Prizes for the Festival of Neggs have been revealed for 2023!

If you have solved all of the clues along the way, collected your Bython, you will get a nice surprise today if you head to the Festival Area.

You can read more detail in of festival guide below:


SN Art Spotlight now OPEN!

You may have noticed since the overhaul of our site, that we added a new section “Art Spotlight“.
Well I am happy to announce today what it is about, and announce that it is ready to begin!

But what is this “Art Spotlight”?

The Neopets and Moderneo community are a creative passionate community and we want to celebrate the artistic talents of our community!

The aim of the Art Spotlight is to showcase the top 3 artists for the month on the Sketched Neo homepage. All art will be judged via the visitors to the site through a voting system.

From there the top 3 “voted” will be ranked and displayed accordingly. All other entrants will be displayed on the Art Spotlight page for each month as well.

The winner of the Spotlight will receive some pretty neat prizes which we will reveal closer to the closure of the first round of entries.

What is considered “Art”?

We aim to have multiple spotlight categories as time goes on, but for now we will open the spotlight to visual art only.

This means any visual art related Neopets or Moderneo. It could be a related scene, pet, item or even Faerie (just to name a couple of categories)

You can view all of the Terms and Conditions for the spotlight at the below link. Also feel free to contact us or leave a comment on this post if you have any further questions that you would like answered!

Applications for May will be open until 31/05/23 with voting open from the 1st-7th June!
To enter click the link below!

Art Spotlight

Neopets Festival of Neggs 27th April

The latest location for the 27th of April in the Festival of Neggs has been revealed!

Head to our daily guide on the Festival of Neggs below:

Festival of Neggs Guide

Neopets Neoboards updated!

Today Neopets have announced that the Neoboards have had a tidy up as well as 3 new chat sections!

We’ve tidied up the Neoboards! Beginning today there are three brand new Neoboard sections to chat in: the much-anticipated General Discussion, Faerie’s Hope, and Experienced/Returning Players. Other sections have been renamed or removed to offer a fresh, modern Neopian hub. To see the changes for yourself, be sure to visit the Neoboards!

The return of the “General Dissuasion” board is quite supposing given the heavy moderation needed when it was past active in the early 2000’s and eventually closed.

if we want to hold onto it, be sure to behave everyone! 😉

Neopets Festival of Neggs 23rd April

April 23rd

The clue is :

You’ve been to the highest highs and the lowest lows. Now for the next place you must go? Well, it could be considered the middle. Just remember to hydrate while you think about this riddle.

Location answer is:

Slushie Shop

Come back each day to find out the location of where to find your Negg!

Neopets Time

Art Spotlight

Snowager Alert


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