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Sketched Neo is the only modern fan site for Neopets and Moderneopets. We are dedicated in providing help, a range of graphics and layouts such as Userlookups, Shop layouts and Pet lookups. We have a variety of guides, generators, tips and tricks and the old nostalgia fun item too, for use across both Neopets and Moderneo

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New Avatar Alert!

After numerous clues and polls across the social media accounts for TNT, if you visit Grundo Warehouse, and enter the below code , you will receive the below avatar!

Be sure to get it sooner rather than later, as there is no indication for how long the code will be active!

Festival of Neggs Last Day

Today is the last day of the Festival of Neggs for 2024.

Today there is surprise discovery for the Orion quest and prizes for the Negg hunt will be awarded tomorrow.

What has the tail and paw that we have been chasing around Neopia for Orion been all about?!

Be sure to check out our full guide below!

Happy Hissi Day!

Happy Hissi Day everyone! Hissi’s can now be painted Elderly Boy & Eldery Girl!

Head over to Cog’s Togs to grab yourself a Futuristic Hissi Outfit!

Hissi Head
Hissi Body
Hissi Body
Hissi Hind

Chocolate Hissi Plushie can be found at the Plushie Palace!

Hissi Plushie

NC Mall News!

TNT Is clearing their NC warehouse! Make sure to grab these items as their only available until 5/13!

WORDneo is BACK!

After a long hiatus, WORDneo is back!

Haven’t played WORDneo before?

WORDneo features a variety of Neopets related words that will vary in length each day – some will be harder than others, but don’t give up!

This puzzle will update daily at 12am NST with a new word to discover!
Everyone has the same word to guess each day, so be sure to not spoil it when sharing your results!

Neopets Time

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