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Meet the Staff

The staff here at Sketched Neo are the ones who bring you all of our wonderful content!
You can read more about the team below. Want to become part of the team at SN? Apply Here


Site Owner

Age: 30

Location: Australia

Neopets Username:

Email: admin[at]

About Me: Work in media as a day job. Passionate about Neopets, gaming, film and TV production and the odd handyman around the house! Always carrying an umbrella, battling the unpredictable weather in Melbourne (you never know when it will rain! ugh.). Always love to meet new people who are passionate about Neo or are just up for a chat. Feel free to drop me an email or a Neomail and say hello! 🙂


Site Admin/Graphics

Age: 29

Location: US

Neopets Username: jhudorascupcake

Email: britt[at]

About Me: I’ve been on Neopets for nearly 20 years, and I love making layouts. I’m a Haunted Woods fan, and my favourite things in life are coffee, animals, and horror films.


Graphics – Neopets & Modern Neopets

Age: 24

Location: Germany

Neopets Username: Lynod

Modern Neopets Username: Lyonid

Email: lyonid[at]

About Me: They/he, artist, programmer and media person. I have been on a journey through the yesterweb and it never stops to amaze me what creativity lies beyond conventional media. Pet sites have been quite the novel inspiration of mine as I delve into telling my stories through (web) art. I am very enthusiastic about any kind of art and am always more than happy to chat about your creations.


Guides/News – Modern Neopets

Age: 25

Location: United States

Neopets Username: SeraphicVictory

Modern Neopets Username: Xwee

About Me: Team Faerieland forever!! I’ve been playing neopets since I was around 6 or 7 years old—if not before then! I was around for the introduction of the Xweetok, and it’s been my favorite pet since. As an adult, I got back into the site as a way to sorta cope with the stresses that come with that. It wasn’t what I remembered, but… Well, it scratched enough of the nostalgia itch. Even if the change in ownership added some issues, I really wasn’t fond of. The recent introduction of Moderneo really excited me—it called on that childhood nostalgia without all of the… drawbacks of the official neopets site. That’s why I’m super excited to be helping fill out information and guides—while moderneo has a lot of overlap with the retail site, enough of it is different that many features require their own dedicated guides!


Graphics – Neopets & Modern Neopets

Age: 25

Location: Michigan, United States

Neopets Username: nyappymuffin

Modern Neopets Username: krys

About Me: She/her, queer artist & Neopet enthusiast!

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