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Originally Neostory.org in 2006, a migration of a number of Neopets fan sites joined to create SketchedNeo.net. The site opened on November 5th that year with a new design and new staff.

Over the years the site has had a number of different initiatives from a Neopets News portal, design site and even an interactive section that provided users with games, contests and more.

In October 2011, Spardel.com merged with SketchedNeo and moved to the Sketchedneo.com domain.
The site underwent an overhaul to modernise the layout, a content management system was built for the site to run its content, as well as a staff area. Today a lot of this functionality is what we know as WordPress.

In 2012 SketchedNeo closed due to Matts lack of interest in Neopets and the next stage of his life – university and a career in media!

Just under 8 years later in 2020, in the middle of the Covid 19 Pandemic, a lot of countries were locked down and in Australia people were stuck in a radius lockdown with marshal law style restrictions that limited movement. With a lot of time on his hands and the start of the Beta Neopets conversion to a mobile friendly site, it was decided that it was the perfect time to bring back SketchedNeo in the new decade with the excitement and anticipation of the evolving future of Neopets.

Today fan sites related to Neopets are small in numbers, we believe that the Neopets community is a passionate and resolute one and believe that all fan sites should band together to celebrate the wonderful world that we know as Neopia!

In 2021 Sketched Neo Affiliated with Moderneopets.com, which is a fan based recreation of old Neopets with new content that has been exclusively made for the site. Sketched Neo provides users of MN with a range of Graphics, Layouts and Guides to help the experience of the users of the pet site.

The future is bright for Sketched Neo, we plan to evolve and be unique to the other fan sites out there. Most will focus on new additions to Neopets that are items or clothing NC items, we will leave those fansites to do what they do best with that. We will always remain independent with our Graphics, Layouts, and Guides. As well as the odd giveaway and community.

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