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Welcome to Sketched Neo’s Button Maker.

This builder only works Computers and won’t work on Tablets or Mobile devices.

Although the buttons won’t have any Sketched Neo credits on them, we do please ask that on your site/page you reference that you built the button/avatar at Sketched Neo.

To use the builder simply follow the below steps:

  1. Click and drag the desired background you wish to use into the “Make your Avatar” box.
  2. Using the letters in the 3 sets listed below it, click and drag the required letters onto the background.
  3. Once complete, screenshot your creation!
    • If on Windows
      • You can use the “Snipping Tool” by searcing in your start bar to snip the button and save it as your image
      • Alternatively you can Print Screen by pressing the correpsonding button on your keyboard. From there you can then crop the image in your image viewer on Windows or using Paint.
    • If on a Mac
      • On your Mac, press Shift-Command-5 to open Screenshot and display the tools.
        The Screenshot panel of tools.
      • Click the dotted square icon and then move the transform controls to capture the button. Hit Capture!


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