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It has been a while since an update on new Beta releases on Neopets. Luckily TNT has announced some updates on the latest Beta conversion in the latest Neopian Times!
Beta Update v0.4.8 has been detailed in the Editorial, launching next week it will include the below updates:

Fash Games:
Some of our favourite Flash Games are being re-relased now they have been converted to HTML5. They are:

Faerie Bubbles
Ultimate Bullseye (my personal favourite!)

It has been noted that Faerie Bubbles does have a know issue, that it’s diffuculty is quite hard and there will be a patch for this post launch of it being re-added to the site.

Pet Slots
Pet Slots will be relased over the Holiday Season, a date hasn’t been specifically announced but this will come closer to the time as they are still in very early development.

They have also detailed that you will indeed be able to unconvert existing pets so there will be no need to make new ones. As well as this, Pet Slots will be able to be purchased on side accounts as well.

UC Pet Customisation
There is no release date at this stage. The main focus for TNT is Pet Slots but the UC’s are still an area the team are working on.

We’re definitely going to make sure that once we revive the UC Pets, that everyone will be able to customise them as well

Extra Topics

Pay to play – TNT have outlined there is no intential for the main Neopets site be a “Pay to Play” beyond the current services of NC Mall/Items and Premium.

1. No. 2. Never. 3. Nothing. 4. Zero (outside of usual NC items). 5. We love this site too and would never do this to you.

Usukicon Capsules – Guidelines around the exlusion of things such as “Technology” for Neopian Times are now lifted from this edition forward.

Legends and Letters – These items are now tradeable

You can read more in the Editorial in Issue 946

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I wonder if the games will be different at all?
Hasee bounce is broken as you can’t use arrows on the keyboard to move around anymore 🙁

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