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Sketched Neo Art Spotlight Submission

Welcome to Sketched Neo’s Art Spotlight!

Sketched Neo is looking for entries to participate in our monthly spotlight that will showcase art created by both the Moderneo and Neopets community.

How does it work?

The aim of the Art Spotlight is to showcase the top 3 artists for the month on the Sketched Neo homepage. All art will be judged via the visitors to the site through a voting system.

From there the top 3 “voted” will be ranked and displayed accordingly. All other entrants will be displayed on the Art Spotlight page for each month as well as a back archive available for past month submissions.

The winner of the Spotlight will receive some pretty neat prizes which we will reveal closer to the closure of the first round of entries.

What is considered “Art”?

We aim to have multiple categories as time goes on but for now we will open the spotlight to visual art only.

This means any visual art related Neopets or Moderneo. It could be a related scene, pet, item or even Faerie (just to name a couple of categories)

Submission Terms

  • The art you are submitting must be original work that you have created yourself. 
  • You are able to re-submit past artwork that may have been entered in previous months providing that it wasn’t a past winning item.
  • All artwork must be watermarked or signed with your Neo or MN username.
  • You agree for Sketched Neo to publish your artwork on your behalf and display this on the site for an unspecified period.
  • Sketched Neo agrees to remove the artwork at the artists request, which can be requested at anytime via our Contact Form.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions that you would like answered!

To enter, please fill out the below form and agree to the terms.

Current Spotlight Dates:

Applications will be open until 31st August.

Please select which community the art reflects
Please ensure it is full resolution and not a preview

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