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Neopets Beta Update V0.4.8 is LIVE!

The latest Neopets redesign update (beta) is live!

A various amount of content has been added, listed below:

World Maps

The below maps have all been added/re-added for HTML5. Some have had a minor design change which is a welcome additon.


Random events are back!

Finally random events are now active across all converted pages! Hooray!


The below games are now live! At present you aren’t able to earn Neopoints on them, however we assume this is due to a testing phase with the wider community to address any issues before Neopoints are enabled.

As mentioned rpeviously Faerie Bubbles does havea balancing issue where colours not remaining in-game will show up to shoot, making the levels very difficult to pass. Neopets are working to address this issue ASAP

Bug Fixes

  • Wheels will no longer disappear when clicked on and fail to display prizes.
  • Wheel of Monotony no longer spins indefinitely if the player switches tabs.
  • Database updates and miscellaneous fixes.


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