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ModerNeo’s Halloween Event Guide

Trick or Treat! From 00:00:00 NST Oct. 24th 00:00:00 NST Nov. 5th (Extended from Nov. 1st!) 2022, all across ModerNeo, one of three different semi-transparent icons will appear every 15 minutes or more. Click on them and you’ll get a variety of rewards depending on what it is you clicked on. Below, Sketched Neo has compiled a complete list of everything you can possibly get! Happy Halloween~!


Candy Hat – Most Common

1-3 of any FOOD category item that contains “Candy” in the name.


Trick-or-Treat Bag OR Mystery Capsule* – 1 in 10 odds

ONE of 58 discrete Trick-or-Treat Bags
[Mystery Capsules are NO LONGER available in these]


??? Paint Brush – 1 in 150** odds

ONE of the following:
Candy Paint Brush
Halloween Paint Brush
Ghost Paint Brush
One Use Chocofication Zappermajig
Wraith Paint Brush


Special NPC Trick-or-Treat Bag Locations

Jhudora’s Cloud
Coltzan’s Shrine
Little Nippers
Rainbow Fountain
King Skarl
Healing Springs
Giant Omelet
Giant Jelly

These Trick-or-Treat Bags can only be obtained ONCE per user! If you click on one of these links and receive nothing, it most likely means you’ve already gotten that one.


*the item displayed will depend on the status of your cache. It’s supposed to be the bag, but several users will still see the capsule. You can clear your cache to fix this issue. The pool of items once clicked remains the same no matter which icon is displaying.

**up from the original 1-in-175!

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