WORDneo is becoming the new daily obsession!

Well only two weeks since WORDneo launched and its been a raving success!

A massive thanks to everyone who has been playing the game on a daily basis 🙂

A little update to let you know that over the next day or so, we will be modifying the game a little to enhance play for all users. There may be a slight downtime of the game whilst this is happening, so we do apologise in advance. We plan to add and evolve the game over time to make it more interactive and have a variety of play modes 🙂

Also in terms of other content to be added, we have a few other games in the pipeline… but we won’t be giving too many details on those ones at this stage.

Over the coming week we will also be adding some New Layouts as well as a Game Guide that will be for a game that everyone loves to play!

Make sure you let us know if you have any suggestions for any content by leaving a comment on this post, or emailing us via the Contact Us page.


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