Neopets has today announced that Trading Cards once popular in the early 00’s are back!

Jumpstart has has signed a new deal with a sports and entertainment collectables company Upper Deck to produce the cards as well as some other collectible merchandise to be announced in the future.
The new trading cards will feature fan-favorite characters, unlockable paintbrush achievements, and more. The cards release and design are poised to appeal to both new generation lovers of Neopets and of course long-time Neopets lovers.

They are due to be released in May and will be available via the Upper Deck online platform. Which if you aren’t familiar with, the online platform allows players to purchase, collect and trade with other players.

As well as this new Trading Card game deck, another Trading Card game will be released next year in Late summer.

What do you think about the return of the Trading cards? Are you excited?

Let us know!

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