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Pride Month on Moderneopets

To celebrate Pride Month, Moderneopets is gifting all users a special gift of items. Visit the Pride Month Goodies page , or you can click the Pride flag under the navigation bar on the MN site.
On the page you will receive the below:

A First Year Celebration Bonus!

Rainbow Petpet Paint Brush
Plus the below items: 
Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water
Rainbow Mystery Capsule
Rainbow Paint Brush
Pride Capsules explained:
Rainbow Mystery Capsules
Admin will be donating 100 to 200 of these capsules each hour at the money tree for the rest of this June. Each capsule will contain 2 random NC Items as listed below and a chance at three bonus prize pools! The chance percentage of each item has been outlined below.
10% Chance at one of these items
25% Chance at a pride button!
25% Chance at a pride flag stick!
Pride month will run until June 30th!
We at Sketched Neo echo MN – No one person is more important than another and Gender, Sexuality and how you identify don’t matter to us – you are you and that alone is worth celebrating. Be proud of who you are and show your pride. Enjoy pride month!
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I love how you are the only fan site that celebrates Pride. Others are stuck in the dark ages.

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