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Jhuidah’s Cooking Pot Starts Boiling! [MODERNEO News]

ModerNeopets has added a new feature previously unavailable: The Cooking Pot!
By now, many users have an SDB overflowing with unused items- what better way to recycle them than to throw them in a huge pot for Pango Pango to transform into something new??

Of course, you can’t just throw any random three items in and get something in return. Pango Pango is very particular with the ingredients that can be used. Specific recipes are needed, so make sure you’ve got one in mind before throwing items into the bubbling cauldron!
(Sketched Neo is currently working on compiling a comprehensive cook book with every recipe available on ModerNeopets! While a majority of them are the same as on the official site, there are a few that are currently unavailable and some ModerNeo exclusive recipes!)

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