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Neopets two factor authentication is here!

Today Neopets have launched 2-factor authentication for logins across The benefits of this are an increased security level for access to your account.
We are going to give you a simple and summarised guide (that won’t go on forever because you aren’t a martin who has never used a smart phone before.. and lets face it we are all adults 😉  )

When you visit the site today you will encounter the below dialogue box. In simple terms, to activate two factor autentication across your account, you will need a smartphone to be able to utilise it.

From there,  the below window will display in how you can set it up. To be able to use the 2FA you will need to download  Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator as they are the recommended apps to use for this. From there follow the below steps:

Next you will be required to generate your emergency codes which are one time use codes in the event that you lose access to your authenticator app.

Finally these codes will appear in the above redacted yellow area. Click the text box to confirm you have received your codes, and then ENABLE 2FA!

And you’re done!

Now when you login the below window will appear and will ask you for a code. Open your Google Or Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone and then type the code it shows into the below dialogue box and you’re ready to play Neopia!

Note: If you have side accounts, this process needs to be setup for each individual account.

If you want further info on 2FA, you can read more HERE

Are you happy 2FA is now in action?


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