Neopets has announced this morning that it was the target of a DDoS attack with some users potentially experiencing soft bans. The message below was posted:

A quick technical update:

Yesterday, we were the target of a DDoS attack. The issue is currently being resolved, but certain users may be experiencing temporary soft-bans as an indirect result. We are working diligently on this, and apologize for any inconvenience.

A DDoS attack typically is when someone floods a site or server with traffic or tasks attempting to disrupt the site/server. This may explain why some users were experiencing the site being slower than normal the other day.

In other news the latest Beta update across the site is live. You can read the full update on what bugs have been squashed and updates have been implemented HERE

Main highlights include:

The below pages have been now converted:

  • Contests page
  • Pet Central
  • The Pound abandonment
  • The inventory page has had some changes made along with some new links like the Quick Stock and your SDB.

There is now also the option to un-group or unstuck items allowing you to be able to view them individually. This can be found as the toggle in the top right corner.

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This appears to have been the most active updates that I’ve seen in months. Keep it up TNT!

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