We have a new and exciting feature to launch on Sketched Neo today.


In the spirit of all things Neopets and making our mascot Sketchie famoussss he features in our first Sketched Neo exclusive game!

To play, all you have to do is use the keyboard arrows to control Sketchie and collect all of the Neopoints that I have dropped across Neopia.
But beware! Each time you collect a Neopoint, the Tax Best will appear on screen, so be sure to avoid hitting him or it is Game Over!

Be sure to post your high score in the comment thread below the game!

This is the first launch of the game for the wider site community to review and let us know of any bugs that they may encounter. It is my first time making one, so please be kind! haha

At this stage sadly the game is only Desktop friendly, but I am actively working on make it available to play on your smart device as well.

In future updates we will be looking to add:

  • Score Submission
  • High Score Lists
  • Additional bonus items for higher points
  • Harder enemy challenges

In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy playing the game and be sure to let us know your thoughts! Play the game below!

Play Sketchie’s Neopoint Hunt

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