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Cheat is the online version of the card game Cheat. Here are the rules as defined by Neopets:

To win a round, you have to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Once you beat a round, you can continue to the next highest difficulty.
On your turn, you can play 1 to 4 cards of the same value. Pick the cards you want to play by clicking on them; then you have to select what you want to tell the other players. It’s okay to cheat!
If someone guesses that you’re cheating, you have to take all the cards from the pile and add them to your hand.
When the computer players take a turn, you can accuse them of cheating (if you think they are!) or you can let them get away with it. If you accuse them and you’re wrong, you have to take the pile! But if you’re right, then THEY have to take the pile, and you get some neopoints for catching them!

What you get

  • You don't ALWAYS get it on the first try!
  • Neopoints for catching the cheater.
  • Battlecards
  • Trophies

Your Opponents


Neopets Description
Capara uses all her feminine wiles and amazing intelligence to trick her way to the top, however it hasn’t worked yet… she is a hopeless cheater and nearly always loses.

Our Description
Yes, she IS sort of hopeless 😛 Really easy to catch. Tries to be cunning but it never works!

Little Timmy

Neopets Description
Timmy is very young and inexperienced. He started playing cheat as he thought it would make him look cool… however he is pretty useless at it, to be honest.

Our Description
He look sort of sad when he gets caught or accuse the wrong person, but it’s his fault! Really easy to catch him cheating, and he does that quite a lot. He always cheat when people KNEW he’d be. For ex. Once I put down 1 Queen, and he put down 4!


Neopets Description
Branston is the lord of the dance floor, and when he isn’t strutting his stuff, he loves to gamble. Self-obsessed and egotistical, Branston’s mind tends to wander, so he isn’t the best player in the world. He has been known to throw down his cards and leave in a huff in the middle of a game.

Our Description
Nothing special about him. No, he doesn’t leave during the middle of the game! Don’t worry 🙂

Chuffer Bob

Neopets Description
Chuffer is a good player, but his voracious appetite often gets the better of him. When he is hungry he can’t concentrate, and this leads him to fidget. People like to play against Chuffer Bob because it’s easy to know when he is cheating!

Our Description
No Description

Brucey B

Neopets Description
Brucey B is a Bingo caller by nature, but in his nights off he likes to play the odd game of Cheat. Still learning, but by no means a beginner, Brucey will catch you out with the old triple-bluff maneuver. He also tends to hide his cards under the table, so you will not know he has won until the last minute!

Our Description
He doesn’t hide his cards. This Bruce was deemed THE worst Cheat! Player ever lived.


Neopets Description
Kalora is on holiday, and has decided to take in a few games of Cheat to earn some money. She considers herself an above-average player, and she knows when to quit! Her left ear sometimes twitches when she is cheating… but then again, you never can tell!

Our Description
No Description

Princess Fernypoo

Neopets Description
Young and spoilt, Princess Fernypoo is not accustomed to losing. Back in her father’s castle, anybody who beat her at any game would soon be thrown in the moat. Now the young Acara has left home and does not have her father to protect her any more.

Our Description
She’s pretty easy to catch. You should see her eyes when she’s caught! It’s all red and… Scary!

Agent 00 Hog

Neopets Description
Cool, suave, and sophisticated, Agent 00 Hog has nerves of steel, and the ability to hide even the most blatent of cheats beneath a stern poker face. The ladies love him, and he is nearly unbeatable at whatever he chooses to play… do you accept the challenge?

Our Description
The Ladies? Nerves of steel? Don’t believe anything in the official Description! He seem to me like a rookie!


Neopets Description
The self-appointed, undisputed ruler of cheat. When his red eyes are staring at you, you can just feel them scanning your every movement… watching every move in your face. If you cheat, he will know, there is no doubt about that. Spectre is a Neopian millionaire, and only ventures out of his mansion when inexperienced players are up for a fleecing.

Our Description
Self-appointed? He could use a bit more authority! I cheated… Haha. Like, right under his nose? But he’s still the coolest opponent TNT have designed yet.


Since you get to start first, evaluate your cards, and choose the best to start. It’d be nice if no one interupts our little game, but there are always cheaters and you gotta catch them!

  1. Try to cheat when there are fewer than 2 cards.

2. Always cheat one card at a time (but this is no guarantee that they will never catch you)

3. Identify the ‘impossible’.Try to remember what you put down and who took the pile last time.

4. When you are forced to cheat:

5. When your oppoent tries to get rid of every card in their hand (for ex, Spectre have 3 cards and placed 3 threes), don’t wonder whether he might be cheating. Just accuse. There’s a good chance he is, but even if he isn’t, you have to give all you’ve got to keep him from winning!

6. The bottom line of this is: Don’t cheat if you can help it. Don’t accuse if you’re not sure.

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