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Coltzan’s Shrine

Coltzan Sanctuary was created in honour of the King of the Lost Desert, Coltzan III. Many Neopians visit this sanctuary to make a request to Coltzan. The King can present you with various Items, Neopoints or even Arena Points.

The Prizes

You can receive a small amount of NPs, but what everyone wants to earn is the long-awaited 1,000.000 NPs. This award has already been proven to exist by the Neopian Times and this Neopets Help page.

Desert food, sand food, burnt food.

Doubloons are currencies used on Krawk Island. You can use it to buy Articles or pay for a course at the Training Academy. You can win 1, 2, 5 or 10 doubloons.

Battle Equipment
Coltzan can also give you Desert Battle Equipment.

Arena Points
Your Pet can increase Level, Strength, Defense and Agility. You can also have Health Points healed or gain Intelligence points.

Can happen as well. If you do not receive any prizes, return to Coltzan the next day.

You can visit the Coltzan Sanctuary once a day. And only after your account is 4 days old.

Below is a full list of all prizes that you can win from the Shrine:

Ancient Scarab Scroll

Artisans Lens

Buried Scroll

Burnt Vinegar Dipped Kabob



Coltzan Plushie

Coltzans Burning Gem

Coltzans Diadem

Coltzans Gem

Coltzans Ghost Plushie

Coltzans Last Words

Coltzans Necklace

Coltzans Ring

Coltzans Sceptre

Craftsmans Lens

Desert Kabab

Deserted Desert Scroll

Expert Lens

Five Dubloon Coin

Gracke Bug on a Stick

Gobi Fruit

Golden Shield

How to Identify Poisons

Knights Shield

Lost Desert Architecture

Mummified Pepper

One Dubloon Coin

Pleto Melon

Princely Lens

Princely Shield

Rhuby Fruit

Ringed Scroll

Royal Scarabug

Ruined Ptolymelon

Rule with Wisdom

Sand Dabs

Scorched Cheopple

Scorched Chomato

Scorched Gobi Fruit

Scorched Grackle-Stuffed Turkey

Scorched Pleto

Scorched Suti Fruit

Serf Lens

Sphinx Links

Stone Shield

Sutek Muffin

Sutek Plushie

Suti Fruit

Tchea Fruit

Ten Dubloon Coin

Twenty Dubloon Coin

Two Dubloon Coin


Wooden Shield

Zonutuk Fruit Bowl

Sparky may also appear and become available and equipped to your Pet as an item!

Sparky is a memorial to a staff members former Pet, Sparky and became available as a Spardel prize at the shrine in 2013.

Sparky? No not Sparky!: neopets

All times are NST (Neopia Time)
Agility: 15 seconds of the hour. (Ex .: 09:00:15)
Defense: 10 seconds out of the hour. (Ex .: 09:00:10)
Strength: 30 minutes of the hour. (Ex .: 09:30:00)
Level: Every two hours. (Eg 12:00:00, 14:00:00, 16:00:00, etc.)
Burnt food: From 11:00 to 12:00.
Doubloons: 55 seconds of the hour. (Ex .: 09:00:55)
1 Million NPs: Neopia’s exact midnight.

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