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Faerie Bubbles – Game Guide

Play Now:Neopoint RatioDifficulty
Faerie Bubbles2.3NP per 1pts scored


Faerie Bubbles, the The concept is easy: clear the screen, destroy ALL the bubbles.

Faerie Bubbles doesn’t have a time limit, so our advice is to not rush through the levels. Take your time and think about each move and avoiding any errors. Practice your aim carefully and place the bubbles in the correct areas. Ideally the less bubbles you use, the better. Two reasons for this:

  1. The upper bar drops down a row after every 5 bubbles that you have shot. In some cases it can drop after you have shot less than this, but it is quite rare
  2. Less bubbles you use, the higher bonus score you get! The maximum bonus is 250.

The best way to clear a level is to eliminate the bubbles on the top. That way, the others below them will drop away.


Combos happen when you combine 4 or more bubbles.

  • Fire – The best combo in our opinion. It clears bubbles around the combo (except water bubbles).
  • Water – Destroys all the water bubbles.
  • Light – Changes the colour of the bubbles around to a random one, we advise to avoid these were possible. Sometimes they can be great, but in more cases than one it will ruin your game 🙁
  • Air – This combo should be used wisely. It creates more bubbles underneath them and then they fall. Avoid when you know that the bubbles under are connected to other colour bubbles. Play them as you see that everything is going to fall.
  • Earth – The worst combo as they create a new bubble line on the top. Every. Single. Damn. Time!
  • Nova – Clears bubbles within a 2 bubble radius that it touches
  • Rainbow – Changes to the colour of the same bubble that it touches. If it doesn’t hit another bubble it will change into another type at random.


The can only be used once per game., as they can only be used once per game. Type these in whilst playing

  • bubbles – Changes all bubbles on screen into the same type at random including the Rainbow bubble! Remember that only more rainbow bubbles can pop the same so proceed with caution!!
  • faerieland – Turns the bubble in your cannon to Rainbow.
  • slumberberry – Pushes the bar back to the top of the game screen.
  • stardust – Turns the bubble in your cannon into a Nova.

If you’re playing for the Avatar which requires 2000 points! So youll need to get through majority levels with bonus to receive this come the end!

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