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Making Fonts

  • 1 – Choose the alignment of your font: [center][left] (or none) and [right]
  • 2 – Chose your font: colour, typeface and size. On the tag:
    • f=typeface
    • c=colour
    • s=size

      The complete tag would then be: [fontc=#colours=1f=typeface] You can use hexadecimal codes for the colour or normal code. Never forget the “#” before the colour or you can have problems with that later.
  • 3 – Insert text or symbols or whatever you want.
  • 4 – Close the font tag: [/font]
  • 5 – If you want to surround your text with a box, like:

Just write NeoHTML after the first part of the font. Than repeat that part (or inverted, as you prefer) after the HTML. If you do this you won’t have much space to work with typefaces and colours and likely, your font will be all the same colour.

  • 6 – If you want your text under the first part of the font make a break:
    Then insert the font tag of your font and write NeoHTML between it: [fontc=#colours=1f=typeface]NeoHTML[/font]
  • Make the following steps on the Signature box
  • 7 – Make a break: [br] Than just insert the font tags and your text between them.
  • 8 – On the end don’t forget to end the first tag of the font box: the alignement! Don’t forget to include: [/center], [/right] or [/left]

Just wanting the complete code (ignoring step 5)? Use the code in the below text box!

[center] [fontc=#colours=1f=typeface] Add your text and symbols HERE [/font][br] [fontc=#colours=1f=typeface] NeoHTML [/font][
][br] [fontc=#colours=1f=typeface] Add your text and symbols HERE[/font][/center]

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