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Welcome to the Hiatus Signs page. Need to notify Neopians that you are on Hiatus on your PetpPage? Here is the perfect place. Feel free to use the below selection.

<img src="https://www.sketchedneo.com/wp-content/usercontent/fileupload/Graphics/HiatusSigns/DesertHiatus.png">
<img src="https://www.sketchedneo.com/wp-content/usercontent/fileupload/Graphics/HiatusSigns/piratehiatus1.png">
<img src="https://www.sketchedneo.com/wp-content/usercontent/fileupload/Graphics/HiatusSigns/hiatusholiday.png">
<img src="https://www.sketchedneo.com/wp-content/usercontent/fileupload/Graphics/HiatusSigns/UniNightsteedHiatusSign.png">

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