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Ice Cream Machine Game Guide

Play Now:Neopoint RatioDifficultyHTML 5 Converted
IceCream Machine1NP per 10pts scored YES

Ice Cream Machine is one of the easiest games on Neopets . Your mission is to guide Adee, the Chia, safely through the Ice Cream Factory. Throughout each level there are ice cream cannons, which will fire off ice cream scoops toward you. The objective is to avoid these ice cream scoops. The best way to do so is to go to the top or closer to the middle and stay as far away from the ice cream cannons as possible, that way, you will be able to have more time to avoid them.

Also, the different scoop colors can make it easier for you or harder to avoid, with added perks if you dodge it. Here’s a small list starting with the best scoop color

Red (with a heart) – Gives you an extra life
Light Blue (with a plus sign) – Makes the ice cream go faster, therefore not good
Blue (with minus sign) – Makes the ice cream go slower
Blue (with chia picture) –Makes you bigger (not good…)
Purple (with chia picture) –Makes you smaller
Gold –Takes you to the next level (rare)

Yellow (with a cherry) – Gives you 100 bonus points
Gray (with shield picture) – Protects you from any bad ice cream scoops

After the ice cream cannons are done firing at you, you find yourself in a warehouse. This is the part where you can get extra points. To do so, just pick up the purple boxes but be careful because some purple boxes may get stuck and you’ll be trapped. Just find your way out of the warehouse maze in order to advance to the next level.

Our Tips:

  1. Stay close to the Ice cream cones. It may not make much sense but it makes it much easier to get the goodies disguised as ice cream.
  2. Only get the Shrinking ice cream. I say this because its not much fun being large and trying to dodge flying balls of Ice.
  3. Get all Speed Ups and Speed Downs. Both are helpful and usually you get one after the other.
  4. If an item shows up on the other side of the screen LEAVE IT! It’s honestly not worth the risk unless its a life, but even in that cause I would be resistant.

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