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Enchanted Glade Guide

(aka, how to get a Lulamu on ModerNeopets)

So you’ve obtained an Old Broken Whistle and got Donny to repair it to a functional Lulamu Whistle! … Now what?

There’s no “use” option if you scroll through its drop-down menu from your inventory, but the item description doesn’t tell you what you need to do! There’s a vague hint on the site announcement of what you need to do—mentioning strange noises coming from the woods in Brightvale—though that is all you get.

Here’s where you need to go:

Location Circled in Red

Go to Brightvale and click on the small clearing located in the lower left corner where the forest is. Like the Hidden Tower, it’s an unlabeled location that requires already knowing about it.

There, you will find the Enchanted Glade. This is where you can summon your new Lulamu friend!

Simply enter a name (that is not already in use), pick which whistle you wish to use, and Play a Melody…

… and boom! You’ve got yourself a Lulamu!


  • Your Lulamu’s colour will correspond with the color of whistle you played.
  • You do NOT get to choose anything except the name and colour. Likes, location, greeting, stats, and gender will all be randomized upon creation. (This can be changed by using a Mutare Naturam)
  • Ensure you have an open pet slot before attempting to summon a Lulamu!

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