New Halloween themed Userlookup

In the lead-up to Halloween, we have a new “Spooky” themed Neopets Userlookup to celebrate!

This one features the Deserted Fairground and Sophie exploring! You can find it along with a whole range of other themed Lookups on the Neopets Userlookups Page













Let us know your thoughts in the comments 🙂


Neopets Official Cookbook Pre-orders Open!

The official Neopets cookbook announced earlier this year is now available to pre order!

Orders will be shipped on June 13 2023

If you’ve ever wanted to taste test Borovan, Yurble Pot Pie, or a Mushroom Omelette, now is your chance!

You can preorder your copy via Amazon HERE

FIRST ON SN: Neopets Acquires “Happy Not Perfect”

Business sites today are reporting that Neopets has today announced its support and acquisition of “Happy Not Perfect” a mobile app which helps equip users with science-backed tools in helping reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.

Full screen smartphone mockup design (CNW Group/Neopets)

This year, the Neopets community came together to raise funds via an online art auction which supported a number of initiatives like The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ, as well as It Gets Better Project, a global non-profit that assists young people through inspiring media programming, educational resources, international affiliates in 19 countries.

This new relationship with Happy Not Perfect, Neopets hopes to continue its commitment to align with similar causes, confident the acquisition of the mobile app will be the perfect next step.

Working with Neopets, the two brands will work to provide players and the people around them with access to the tools and digital experiences that can aid their mental health.

“With Neopets taking the app to the next level, our mission of helping others improve their mental health through this digital mindfulness platform is one we’re confident in pushing forward to people around the world.”says Alex Tikhman, CEO of Happy Not Perfect.

To learn more about Happy Not Perfect, you can read more at or view them across their social channels.

WORDneo September Update

September is here, so that means a whole new batch of words have been loaded into WORDneo!

Since its inception the game has provided Neopians with a fun daily puzzle that allows them to guess the word of the day.

We have from day one included words from Places, Games, Pets, Items and even down to battle a Pet related words/situations. Words are randomly selected each day!

We also want to highlight that we have a back catalogue of 176 puzzles (at the time of this post) that you can play if you previously haven’t completed it.

Have fun and tell your friends about WORDneo!



Rubbish Dump Avatar – Update

Hey all.
We have had a few emails come in asking if it is safe to do the annual Rubbish Dump Day to obtain the Avatar.
In a normal situation the 1st Saturday of each Month is Rubbish Dump Day, where you have the opportunity to collect items to receive the avatar.

At present with the Stackpath security enabled, which we have previously reported as locking and essentially banning Neopians from, we suggest that you do not participate in this event until the Stackpath Captcha security is at least reduced in sensitivity or is addressed by the TNT team.

We know this is frustrating for a number of users who still wish to obtain the avatar, however we at Sketched Neo do not think it is safe to do so at this time, and will not advise users to participate.

We wish to prevent you from having the unfortunate situation that you are IP banned.


Neopets Faerie Festival and Chocolate Festival 2022

Neopets today announced two upcoming events across September.

On September 15th the Annual Chocolate Ball will be held.

New features are being promised for the Chocolate Ball.

As well as this the Faerie Festival will be held on September 20th with New features to be released.

A “post-faerie festival event” has been announced to happen thereafter as well..

There has been speculation of a new plot being released and there has been hints of this featuring  a popular Faerie.. maybe this is it?

What’re your thoughts? Are you looking forward to a new site plot?

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