Advent Calendar 2021 Guide is LIVE

Our guide for the 2021 Advent Calendar is now LIVE!

You can check it out HERE and also via the banner at the top of every page.

In addition we will continue to post daily the prizes and a guide on the animation.



Neopets 2021 Advent Calendar – Day 1 Guide

As it is now December 1st, the Advent Calendar is now live!

Each day we will post an update on the Advent Calendar and the Prizes you can expect, as well as launch a 2021 Advent Calendar guide.

Day 1 Animation is:

Prizes received:

Each day as well you can claim a festive secret prize if you click on the hiding Aisha on the page. For Day 1 you will receive:

Announcement: *12 Days of Content*

Hello everyone!

We hope that everyone in the US who celebrated Thanksgiving, had a great holiday.

With Christmas fast approaching us, we will be launching a new event here at Sketched Neo

12 Days of Content


What is it ’12 Days of Content’ you ask? Well from December 12 we will be launching a new piece of content on the site every day in the lead up to December 25. It may be a Guide, a new Shop Layout, or even a PetPage Layout. The variety is endless! These may be a mix of holiday/ general themed content.

More information coming on this soon, in the meantime let us know what kind of content you want to see in the comments

In other news, we also have a new Affiliate!

Modern Neopets

Modern Neopets is a recreation of the older Neopets that most of us love and miss and to bring that nostalgic feel back, whilst adding some new custom features.

In the coming weeks we will be adding some customised layouts and themes that are compatible with the site, which will differ from the

Signups are open only today until they close again until next month. Check them out! 🙂



Holiday Themed Shop Layout

In the first of many Holiday season themed layouts to come, we release our first one!

‘Tis The Season Shop Layout

It is now available for you to give your shop a festive theme. We hope you like it!

You can find the code for it HERE


Neopets Survey + New Marketing Lead Staff

Neopets have released a new survey about what you want to see across Neopets in 2022.

From this survey TNT will help it shape their roadmap initiatives for the coming year. The most requested suggestions will be carried over into Survey Round 2, which will include a poll to collect community votes on favorite features.

You can take the survey here:

As well as this, Tally the new Neopets Marketing Lead has introduced herself across the Neopets social accounts and the Neoboards who also introduced the above survey.

Hello, Neopians!
My name is TNT Tally, and it is my pleasure and honor to get to serve you as Neopets Marketing Lead.
I began my adventure in Neopia as a child – yep, in 1999! Neopets taught me many life lessons and nurtured ambitions that led to my grown-up career in marketing. Now everything has come full circle. It’s serendipity!
I am a citizen of Meridell at heart, though most of the time I can be found in my sunny Californian abode dreaming of rain. I am Jeran’s #1 fan and an avid Weewoo collector, reader of The Neopian Times, and connoisseur of Neopian lore.
Suffice to say, it has always been my dream to be with TNT. Now that I have this chance to speak with you, I’m gonna be real. I will use this unique opportunity to advocate for YOU, the community – the heart of Neopets. This means having an active dialogue between you – the players – and TNT. My goal above all is to make sure you are heard.
I’m all about community, transparency, compelling storytelling and good vibes. I intend to bring a human voice to this digital realm and harmonize advertising with core Neopian values. My goal is to amplify your voices, nurture your creativity, and craft marketing strategy around your unique experiences.
In that vein, today I am rolling out a survey to collect your thoughts on the 2022 roadmap initiatives. You can also use this survey to give TNT your feedback.
Expect to hear a lot more from me soon! Until then…
Your Neofriend,

It would appear Tally has been hired off the back of the “Community Manager” role that was essentially dissolved months after being introduced with the member of that title redeployed elsewhere within the company. It would also appear that Tally has been hired in the wake of the NFT saga that continues to be ongoing.
What are your thoughts? Do you think this is the right step for Neo? Give us your thoughts in comments!


Neopets Turns 22! Birthday Roundup

Today is Neopets Birthday!

To celebrate, a new BETA Birthday Theme has been released!

At this stage it isn’t clear if this theme will become available for users to utilise beyond the birthday celebrations, so time will tell.

As well as this, Neopets are gifting everyone 500NC credit to celebrate

 Don’t forget to visit the New Features page today to receive the Birthday Avatar if you haven’t already received it!

For just today as well, you can claim a FREE Birthday Bag at the NC Mall!


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