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Beating the Space Faerie

Getting the Space Faerie as a Challenger

You will receive the Space Faerie as a battledome challenger when you redeem a Neopets merchandise code. These codes come with the real life Neopets products – they cost real money.


Advised Stats

This is the pet I accomplished beating the space faerie with, But I struggled. So I would suggest the following Stats or Higher.

Level: 60
Hit Points: 117 / 117
Strength: EXCELLENT (50)
Defence: EXCELLENT (54)

Abilities Used: To see what abilities you can get and instructions on getting them please read our Faerie Abilities Guide.

Drain Life
Dark, Level 21

Dark, Level 30
RegenerationEarth, Level 23
Heal Water, Level 1

Items used:

Prickly Potion

Prickly Potion

Scroll of Freezing

Downsize! Downsize!

Thick Smoke Bomb

Shooting Star Muffin

Shooting Star Muffin


What to do:


1st Round:

Prickly Potion + Scroll of Freezing + Drain Life.

2nd Round (frozen):

Shooting Star Muffin + Shooting Star Muffin + Berserk Attack.

3rd Round:

Prickly Potion + Prickly Potion + Sink.

4th round:

Prickly Potion + Downsize! + Defend.

5th Round:

Prickly Potion + Thick Smoke Bomb + Either Species attack (ex: Meerca Bounce, Krawk Bite, etc.) or Heal/Regeneration depending how low your HP is.

And BOOM goes the Space Faerie!

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