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Treasure Maps

Treasure maps are maps that, well, lead to treasure! 9 pieces to a set, these maps can range from VERY expensive to affordable. At the moment there are 7 maps for you to put together, these maps are as follows.
Note: The amount of neopoints and items awarded is typically random.
Map Lingo: When buying or selling treasure maps you will usually come across/use piece numbers, the numbers are as follows:
1 6 7
2 5 8
3 4 9

Original Map

Prizes: Neopoints + Rare Items

Spooky Map

Prizes: Neopoints + Spooky Foods

Underwater Map

Prizes: Neopoints + Food + Stat Increase

Space Map

Prizes: Neopoints + Rare Items

Forgotten Shore Map

Prizes: Neopoints + access to the Forgotten Shore (daily use)

Forgotten Shore – Randomly awarded when collecting a prize at the Forgotten Shore.

Laboratory Map

Prizes: Neopoints + access to the Secret Laboratory (daily use)

Pwned by the Lab – Awarded when zapping a pet into a new species at the Secret Laboratory.

Petpet Laboratory Map

Prizes: Neopoints + access to the Petpet Laboratory (daily use)

Petpet Laboratory – Awarded when zapping a petpet into a Pile of Soot, which is Ray-exclusive, at the Petpet Laboratory.

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