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Turmac Roll – Game Guide

Play Now:Neopoint RatioDifficulty
Turmac Roll2.21 NP per 1pts scored

The object of Turmac Roll is to collect as many berries as you can and not run in to anything. It’s a pretty easy game, and a good way to earn Neopoints.


  • up-arrow key: jump
  • down-arrow key: fall down faster
  • right-arrow key: roll faster
  • left arrow key: roll slower

Berries & points guide:

The more points the berries are worth, the less common they are. You’ll get the berries in the first row the most, and the berries in the second row every once in a while. Most of the time, you’ll have to jump for the berries by pressing the up-arrow key, but sometimes they’ll be right in your path.

Ways of Dying:

  • Running into a tree stump (big or small)
  • Running into a sharp elevation of ground
  • Not jumping high enough over a sharp elevation of ground (it’s weird, but even if it looks like you clear it, you can still run into the ground… >_< It’s highly annoying)
  • If you’re not going fast enough and try to jump over something, you won’t be able to jump high enough to clear it. That’s why I suggest holding the right-arrow key (or holding it until you reach your top speed and then let go).

Maximizing your score:

  • Always play on hard mode. It’s a very easy game, even on hard mode. The higher the difficulty, the more points you’ll earn. If you need to, start on easy and work your way up. It shouldn’t take you long to get the hang of the game
  • You slowly gain points as you roll, regardless of whether you collect berries or not. Don’t risk going after a berry if it may end up killing you. You’d end up earning more by just rolling than if you got the berry and then died.
  • When jumping over a stump, try and time it so that you’ll touch the top of the stump. Then jump off. This will help you if there happens to be another stump coming that you can’t see. Otherwise, you’ll roll off the tree and can run right into a stump without ever having time to jump again! 
  • When going up a hill very fast, if you press the up-arrow key at the top, you’ll go flying high. This can be useful if there are many obstacles coming up, but you can’t always tell when and where you’re going to land, so there’s a chance you’ll hit something before you can jump again. This can also be used to get berries that you can’t reach from jumping off the ground.

Turmac Roll is one of the best games to play, because you can earn a lot of NP in a short amount of time. There is currently no avatar for the game, but hopefully Neopets will release one soon… However, there are some trophies you can win! You have to get a high score, and it has to stay one of the highest scores on the list until the trophies are awarded.

Good luck!

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