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BOO! Spooky Halloween Event Live! [MODERNEO News]

With All Hallows Eve nigh, ModerNeopets has put together another wonderful week-long event for the occasion. Much like previous events on site, users will find little transparent items hidden across the pages they visit!

Scared to click on them? Fret not, Neopians, for there are no tricks—only treats! This Halloween event is entirely jump-scare free. Only sweet goodies lie in wait! The event will only last until the clock strikes midnight after the 31st, so be sure to check the site every 15 minutes or so to get a special treat!

Each of the available icons offers a different pool of items you might get: candy, NC capsules, or color-changing item respectively!

If you don’t mind being spoiled, you can find out what exactly you can get in each pool at our 2022 Halloween Event Guide!

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