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What a Lovely Day for Valentines! [MODERNEO News]

Love is in the air of Neopia today! ModerNeopets is celebrating this cherished day with a small event. Mystery Capsules and Goodie Bags of chocolates will be popping up around the site for you to click on! As always, the Capsules will grant a few random NC Mall items; the Goodie Bags will contain a handful of food category items with “Chocolate” in the name! Mystery Capsules will also be avalible at the Money Tree, courtesy of Admin! (Though I’ve also noticed some people will leave unwanted chocolates from their Goodie Bags there too…)

Now these appropriately themed gifts aren’t the only thing players are being gifted today! There are some new color options for some pets, a brand new color, and a brand new pet/petpet species? (Wait… pet… and petpet? Like the Soreen?? Seems so!)

Goodness, that sure is a lot! Hazer and the artists really went all out showing their love for the user base.

Happy Valentines day to all! Familial, platonic, romantic, and self-love are all types of love worthy of celebration~

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