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Destruct O Match III – Game Guide

Play Now:Neopoint RatioDifficultyHTML 5 Converted
Destruct-O-Match2.2NP per 1pts scored YES

Welcome to the Sketched Neo guide for Destruct O Match III!

We could go into huge details here with scoring breakdowns, identifying every single power up that is within the game, however now that it is 2021, we all are pretty skilled in identifying these. So if you are wanting a top line article on how to play this game, you have come to the right place!!


Have  you ever wanted to destroy something but not cause any damage? If yes, or no then Destruct-O-Match III is for you!

“There is a lovely patch of land, down by a stream that would just be a perfect place to build your Tyrannian village, but there is a problem. Boulders everywhere! Blue boulders, yellow boulders, red boulders… and they have to be cleared before you start building.

In Destruct-O-Match III you have to group up boulders of the same colour, and then click to remove them. Only groups of 2 or more matching boulders can be removed. The more boulders you clear at once the more points you earn, and to progress to the next level you need to achieve a certain number of points.

There are 5 of modes you can play in. Zen Mode, Classic Mode, Extreme Mode, Double Trouble and Double Trouble Extreme.

A breakdown of each of these modes is defined below:

Classic Mode
Use this mode to get the highest scores! At each level you get more blocks that you need to clear and you need to get a total of 20 more points than the last level’s minimum score. At the end of each level you get a bonus of 100 points minus the #of blocks left x10. For example, if you have 3 blocks left you get 100 -(3×10) points, meaning 70 points.


  1. Destroy the Timer block
  2. Gather all the blocks of the same color as the overkill block if you have one. Destroy them then use the block.
  3. Focus one one color to eliminate at a time (to group other colors) So don’t pick a color with a 3x multiplier. Be on the lookout for good blocks to group and group them. (see image below)
  4. Eliminate colors from the screen whenever possible
  5. Combos are the key to high points!
  6. If grouping isn’t working start from top and work your way down.
  7. Explode the exploder at the end
  8. If you don’t get large scores in the first and second rounds, it’ll be near impossible to get the avatar

Extreme Mode:
Here the boulders appear from the ground every time interval and you must destroy them before they reach the top. You only need to click once to destroy a group.

Start from below and try to be as fast as possible. When you clear the screen you get 25 bonus points, and as the game progresses blocks appear faster and faster and more colors are added. The only power-up you use is the Scamander one!

Zen Mode
Play in an endless session in normal mode, however you won’t earn any points.

Double Trouble
Two screens of Classic play. The benefit of this mode is if you are up for a challenge, however it is incredibly difficult so don’t expect to have a looking for a high score.

Double Trouble Extreme
This mode is basically the same as Classic mode, however it has two columns missing in the middle.

Special Blocks

These blocks when used properly can make your high scores rocket or break your game and you end up in tears.

– When activated this block adds an additional line to the the top of the screen. Use this to add blocks for more points and to create groups when you have no more left!
– Only colors that are remaining on the screen will be generated at random! Example: if you have eliminated all the blue blocks from the screen, this block will not add any further blue blocks, make sure you use this to your advantage!
– If the top row of a column is full, no new blocks will be added.

– If you see one, use it early on in the game! When it counts down to 0 the block and all matching colors next to it turn indestructible.

– 3 points become 9 points! If you see this block, try to make a large combination with it!

– Destroys blocks “surrounding” it (including blocks touching its corner). Only one point is scored though using this though! We would suggest to use this at the end of a game when you have no more combinations left.

– Destroys all the blocks of its color that are on the screen. Use this one after going through and eliminating as many blocks of that color as you can first for points (because the overkill block only gives one point, no matter how many bricks it destroys). This one is an extremely useful block when used right.

– Changes color RANDOMLY every few seconds. Figure out what color you need and time it right when using it.

– Can and will combine with any color.

– When this block is used, the left (paw) part of the stones is activated. You can use it at any point in the game and at any level, providing your last move didn’t involve a power-up.

A Grarrl will come lumbering across the screen to undo you last move!

– When this block is used the right (wing) part of the stones is activated. You can use it at any point in the game at and at any level.

Glubgar from Volcano Run will fly across the screen and scramble the blocks (power-ups will still be there).

– This one is only available in Extreme mode only. Stops columns from rising.


Don’t forget that if you score 2000+ points in Classic Mode you can win the Avatar to use on the Neoboards!

Good luck!

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