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Festival of Neggs 2023 Guide

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Festival of Neggs 2022

Welcome to Sketched Neo’s coverage of the 2023 Festival of Neggs!
This year the festival is being held at the Virtupets Space Station.

This year the event will run from April 20th until May 6th the first day will run for 1.5 (giving you a bit of extra time to collect your first one)

First off head to the Festival Page which you can also access by the icon on your pet home page:

After you witness the initial conversation between Kari and Mira, they will give you a daily clue on where you can find the Negg at the bottom of the Festival Page.

Be sure to find all Neggs by the completion of the event for a bonus at the end of the event. You can check the progress of this by the tick displayed next to that days clue.

If you wish to skip the hunting you can refer to our Negg location finder as well as the breakdown of prizes awarded for each Negg selected below.

Negg Prize Summary

Prize 1Prize 2Prize 3

Neopia Negg

Globe of Neopia Snowglobe

Neopia Bath Bomb

Stamp of Neopia

Plasma Negg

Glowing Baby Space Fungus Plasma Effect

Plasma Effect

Plasma Slushie

Polar Lights

Beautiful Lights Candle

Where to Find the Polar Lights

Polar Lights Foreground

Solar Flare

Solar Flare Gun

Fire Backpack



Festival of Neggs Spaceship Plushie

Mission Control Computers

Astronaut Meal

Final Prize Summary

All Neggs Collected same day as clues released

Prize 1Prize 2Prize 3

Bython Brood

Astronaut Kari

Solar Flare

Polar Lights

Neopia Negg

Spaceship Negg

Plasma Negg

Bython Plushie

Site Theme

Quasar Background

All Neggs Collected before conclusion of event:

Prize 1Prize 2Prize 3

Bython Brood

Astronaut Kari

Solar Flare

Polar Lights

Neopia Negg

Spaceship Negg

Plasma Negg

Bython Plushie

Site Theme

Is only some Neggs were collected by the end of the event you will receive:

Bython Plushie

Site Theme

Bython Brood

Tarot card game

On May 3, after talking with Orion , you will be required to play a new game using Tarot Cards.

In order to participate in this, you must have read through all of the past conversations between Kari, Mira and other characters. Once you are up to date within the quest, a dialogue box will appear which will give you two options – “Did you say clue?” and “I can help!“. Click the “I can help!” option to start playing the tarot game.

The game itself is simple, you will be presented with one card of a 22 card deck. The cards featured are valued from 0 – 21 and are an identical to the official Neopets: Tarot and Oracle Deck Set that has recently been released.

To play you will be presented with a card in 7 rounds. All you have to do is guess whether the next card in the deck on the right side will be higher or lower than the card shown on the left. You will need to play this 3 times in order to proceed.

Bython Discovery

At the conclusion of the Tarot and a number of further conversations the discovery of the Bython is revealed.

You have until the end of May 5 to select your own out of 3 choices. An original Bython, a Robot or a Yellow one.

If you don’t choose on May 5th Kari will randomly select one for you and give it to you. The final day of the Negg Festival (7th May) will be the day for the final prize.


If you have collected all of the Neggs on the hunt and solved all of the clues you will receive the below for your completion of the FON 2023!

Daily Negg Hunt Locations

Jump to:

April 20/21__April 22__April 23
April 24__April 25__April 26
April 27__April 28__April 29
April 30__May 1__May 2
May 3__May 4__May 5__
May 5

April 20 and April 21

Kari’s Clue: Hooray! The festival has started in just the right neighbourhood! If you want to find the first Neggs, perhaps try some local food!

Negg Location: Kreludor Cafe

April 22

Kari’s Clue: The next place is a lot like space, as it may be hard to catch your breath! But if you find your way in the depth, you can bet, the stash will be with a real cute Petpet!

Negg Location: Maraquatic Petpets

April 23

Kari’s Clue: You’ve been to the highest highs and the lowest lows. Now for the next place you must go? Well, it could be considered the middle. Just remember to hydrate while you think about this riddle.

Negg Location: Slushie Shop

April 24

Kari’s Clue: The next place to go is where nature would never be taken for granted, but with so many plants around, we better hope the Neggs aren’t planted!

Negg Location:  Neopian Garden Centre

April 25

Kari’s Clue: If I had a coin for every Negg I hid here previously, I would have zero. Which is weird because I’m a Negg hiding hero!

Negg Location:  Collectable Coins

April 26

Kari’s Clue: I sure hope this next place isn’t too boring, but when I hid the Neggs even the shopkeeper was snoring!

Negg Location:  Tyrannian Furniture

April 27

Kari’s Clue: I like to think I’m a good host, as I left this stash well protected, but you may see a ghost when you go to inspect it!

Negg Location:  Haunted Weaponry

April 28

Kari’s Clue: I have to admit that if you’re a Petpet, this hiding spot may be dangerous. Meh, it will be fine I bet, as the creature nearby is usually slumberous.

Negg Location:  Turmaculus

April 29

Kari’s Clue: To find the next Neggs, you must trek through the heat. But once you arrive, you can have a nice treat!

Negg Location:  Qasalan Delights

April 30

Kari’s Clue: While searching for these Neggs, you can also search for knowledge! You may just have to be careful of some of the nearby wreckage.

Negg Location:  Faerieland Bookshop

May 1

Kari’s Clue: This is no time to be wary! To find the next stash try looking somewhere sweet and scary!

Negg Location:  The Crumpetmonger

May 2

Kari’s Clue: These Neggs may become a potent concoction if you don’t concentrate. Careful though, if you trespass too far, you may be in trouble with the close by potentate!

Negg Location:  Royal Potionery

May 3

Kari’s Clue: Playing by the beach could make anyone thirsty. Maybe once you find the stash of Neggs, you can buy supplies for a smoothie!

Negg Location: Tropical Food Shop

May 4

Kari’s Clue: While others may say these are loathsome, these next Neggs are with playthings that are cherished among some.

Negg Location: Darigan Toys

May 5

Kari’s Clue: I’ve used many tools to hide Neggs in the past, but none that can somehow make a bubble chair last!

Negg Location: Kiko Lake Carpentry

May 6

Kari’s Clue: The last clue! What are we to do? I suppose we should end with a snack that’s close to our original task!

Negg Location: Grundos Cafe

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